HandyMaxx and Beth

Our own MaxTheKnife (Handy Maxx) and blue gecko (Beth) have a series of how to and informative videos on YouTube. Whether you are a homesteader who wants to improve your skills, or just a do-it-yourselfer, be sure to watch them all. If you have comments or questions for Max and Beth, or would lik... Read More »

Fabric and Fiber Skills

Sewing 4-H Clothing Project Reference Manual Sewing.org Sewing Clothes for Children Tipnut Sewing Archives Threads   Fiber Preparation Washing Fleece Carding Wool Dying Roving with KoolAid   Spinning Spindle... Read More »

Family Emergency Plan

Evacuation List General Supply List Last Minute Preparations Stay at Home or Leave? Prep for People with Disabilities Water Treatment Emergency Food For Babies Becoming Self-Sufficient for 6 Months LDS Preparedness Manual Compact Survival ... Read More »

Fire Making and Stoves

Base Camp Trail Stove Backpacking Stove Fuels Fire by Bow Drill Fire by Can Fire by Flint, Steel and Battery Fire Safety and Extinguishers Making Charcoal Plumber's Stove Hobo Stove ... Read More »

Flu News

Alltop NewsFlu Coverage Avian Flu Diary CDC Flu News Chen Qi China View CIDRAP Effect Measure European Public Health Network Flu Wiki H1N1 News H5N1 Crofts Blog H1N1 Flu Virus in Canada H1N1 Infections and Fatalities (maps) ... Read More »


Animal Fat Rendering Animals for Food Cast Iron Cookware Cheese Making Colorado Food Products Database Dutch Ovens Emergency Bread Emergency Food For Babies Essential Nutrient Sources Expedient Cooking Fireless Cooker Food Coop... Read More »

Food Preservation and Safety

The Prudent Food Storage FAQ and more Dehydrating Food Food-Borne Illnesses Food Product Dating Food Recalls Food Safety Home Food Preservation Home Food Canning Preserving Meat Preserving Fish Pantry Pests Food Storage Calcula... Read More »

Gardening and Seeds

Cultivating Vegetables Gardening Tips Grow Guide Growing Wheat by Hand Growing Mushrooms Home Gardening Tips Non-Hybrid Seed Saving Green House Walipini - an underground greenhouse Seed Savers Exchange ... Read More »

General Planning and Resources

100 Items to Disappear First Army Counter Guerrilla Operations Army Field Manuals Basic Necessities for Survival Basic Rules of Survival Becoming Self-Sufficient for 6 Months Bush Craft Books Camping Backpacks Community Mitigation Dangerou... Read More »

Medical and Flu Treatment

A Book For Midwives A Health Handbook for Women With Disabilities A Worker's Guide to Health and Safety Bird Flu Book Bird Flu Diagnosis & Hygiene CDC Patient Home Care Guidance Cholera Cholera Prevention Fact Sheet Dakin's Solution Disabled Village Children Emerge... Read More »

Power, Light and Heat

Alternative Energy Candle Making DynaGlo Kerosene Heater Emergency Home Heating Heat, Light and Power Kerosene Fuel Primer Power Outage Tips Soda Can Solar Heater Solar Heat Air Panel Toyoset Kerosene Heater What if the Electricity G... Read More »

Water and Sanitation

Build a Hand Pump Coffee Filters & Alum Emergency Disinfection Find Water & Make It Safe Getting Started Storing Water Homemade Berkey Water Filter Priming the Berkey Filter Rainwater Harvesting Shock Chlorinate a Well Slow Sand Fi... Read More »

Weapons and Ammunition

1911 .45 Pistol Field Stripping AK47 Rifle Field Stripping Alternate Gun Cleaning Solvent & Oil Ammo Engine AR15 Rifle Field Stripping Beretta 92 Field Stripping Beretta Firearms Booby Traps and Area Defense Current Ammunition Deals Fi... Read More »

Misc Projects and Skills

Bee Keeping Blacksmithing Coffee Can Survival Kit Compact Survival Kit Direction Finding and Navigation Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning Weapons & Tools Fish Gill Nets Making an Oil Press Making Dog Food Scouting Homemade ... Read More »

US Preparedness Networks

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachu... Read More »

Canadian Preparedness Networks

Canadian Preppers Network Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon Territory ... Read More »

Preparedness Sites

Alpha Rubicon Survival Australian Pandemic Resources Emergency Preparation Forum End Times Report FEMA Guide to Citizen Preparedness Flu Trackers Flu Wiki Forum Get Pandemic Ready Grandpappy's Hillbilly Housewife Ludlow Survivors... Read More »